This Product can give you the option to sell either ice cream or gelato in the same case. It would complement all other ice cream holders and allow you the owner more options to sell in your store without spending a considerable about of money on a new gelato case

.The conversion kit includes:

  •  A Rail System 
  • Two Gelato inserts (pictured)

Custom Rail System

The Custom Rail System By Stetson Solutions is a one of a kind rail system that will be built for you and your freezers only. WIth a custom order Stetson Solutions can change the length, width or placement of holes on the mounting bracket or do whatever it take to make the rail system work. Stetson Solutions is the only custom rail system manufacture in the ice cream and gelato industry. If you do not have preset screw holes we make a collapsible rail system that will work in your freezer.

Rail Systems

Standard Rail System

The Stand Rail System by Stetson Solutions was created by specialists in the ice cream industry to fit the JS 6000 or the JS 7000 Ice Cream Skirt. The stand rail system will be able to accommodate any existing ice cream skirt on the current market. One rail system will hold up to 4 skirts that equals 8 buckets of ice cream. 

 The six mounting brackets are made with multiple holes for easy instillation. When removing the ice cream skirts for cleaning there is no quick or easier rail system to use. 

The Standard Rail system come with:

  • 2 Rails 
  • ​6 Mounting Brackets 
  • For cabinets with preset screw holes

The Specifications for the Standard Rail System 

2 Rails 39 5/8  inches Length 3/4 of an inches Width  

Do not drill holes. There should be pre-drilled holes for you. 

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Gelato Conversion Kit

The Gelato Conversion Kit is an inexpensive alternative to sell both ice cream and gelato. This product allows the owner a way to change an ice cream cabinet into a gelato case. Just like a standard ice cream cabinet that holds 8 buckets the Gelato Conversion Kit also holds 8 pans of gelato. This is a completely custom product and will be made to order.