• Enhance Product Display 
  • Increases Cabinet Energy Efficiency 
  • Easier to Clean  
  • Prevents Buckets from Rotating 
  • Superior Strength 
  • Longer Lasting Life 
  • Made in U.S.A 

JS 6000

The JS 6000 is the best choice for supporting and enhancing the visual look of your plastic ice cream buckets. No other skirts include an internal steel reinforcement to prevent excessive flexing that can cause premature breakage. The JS 6000 has internal ridges to grip with the buckets preventing the bucket from rotating or moving while scooping. Stetson Solutions also sells a standard or custom rail system to help fit the JS 6000 in your ice cream cabinet. 

Without Skirts 

Ice Cream Skirts

JS 6000

Length- 21 1/8 inches 


1 Skirt-10 3/8 inches 

4 Skirts-41 1/2 inches 

8 Skirts-83 inches 

Cabinet with the JS 6000

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